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Known for his wanderlust and shutter-happy ways, Mark Corbett has amassed a bounty of illustrious images from his home in Canada as well as from his travels in more than 20 countries around the globe. 

As a photographer, Mark came into his own at college when he got his first proper camera and took a course. It was all about dark rooms then, where you literally printed your photos by hand. Today, he has not only adapted to, but also embraces the miracle of modern day digital imagery. It is cutting edge, fast, versatile, creative and filled with opportunity!

Mark has called Vancouver Island home for more than 30 years. As a photographer, journalist and tourism professional over the years, he has gained an intimate knowledge of the many nuances and secret locations of "Canada's #1 Island Destination". 

As he continues his visual journey through life, Mark enjoys sharing his most memorable images online, at galleries, in workshops or special events.  

Mark has a passion for being outside. His new company is located in the stunning Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where he specializes in animals, adventure, tourism and photography workshops.

Natural lighting is the name of the game. Whether you are a tourism operator, a non-profit society, an animal lover, a snowboarder or business owner, Mark is there to bring those images to life. Connect with him today to discuss your photography needs.



"Mark is a man of amazing talents. He has long time been involved in the tourism industry, but his real love is in photography, marketing and media. He has a discerning eye for seeing a shot, a creative mind to bring something special to the project, and a warm personality which is a pleasure to work with."

      Jan Kretz, Owner, Adventuress Kayaking, Parksville, BC


"Mark is a very personable person with high values in life and in business. I have enjoyed working with Mark in the same company as well as later in a business to business capacity. 
Mark is an excellent writer, photographer and event planner, I would highly recommend his work to any business or individual."

     Karen Stephens, Marketing Professional, Nanaimo, BC


"I have known Mark Corbett for many years and it's always been great to work with him. He's professional, detailed, and organized which always leads to a successful completion of what we have worked on. His photography is phenomenal and his range of subjects is always a pleasure to see. He is passionate and cares about the work he does and the message it delivers and I would highly recommend working with him if the opportunity presents itself."

     Melissa Hall, Producer, Shaw TV, Nanaimo, BC